7 Reasons to Hire a Millennial

7 Reasons to Hire a Millennial


Let’s face it. Millennials have a bad reputation for being lazy and entitled, especially when it comes to the workplace. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, if a millennial was not completely interested in their project, you may find some obvious signs of boredom, but given the right task, there’s no telling how far they could take it.

So next time you’re facing the decision of whether or not to hire a millennial, check out these qualities first. If your potential hire has all of these characteristics, you have a pretty good future ahead.

1. Always connected.

At first glance, seeing someone connected to their phone or tablet—almost glued to it—can be a complete turn-off. But with millennials, it’s the opposite. Because they’re always connected, they can respond to emails and job requests faster than ever. Send a text or email and watch how fast they return it. It’s pretty impressive.

2. Beyond passionate.

There’s no hiding the fact that millennials are super passionate. When a millennial believes in something, a project at work for example, they invest much more than their time. They invest their future and forgo any other opportunities to completely devote themselves to what they believe in. This could be turning down social invites or even missing a gym session. Give them a project they love and you’ll have the most productive worker on your team.

3. Driven to succeed.

Prior to college, many millennials were told how bad the job market was and how much harder it would be for them to actually land a job. But instead of scaring them, it actually motivated this generation even more. Now millennials are even more focused on succeeding and setting goals that take their careers to much higher levels.

4. Networking superstars.

I can honestly say that millennials excel at networking. By building relationships online, they’re well-equipped to handle any face-to-face interaction since the relationship has already been established. They get all of their first-meeting-butterflies out of the way and get right down to business in person. Since the rapport is already set, it’s smooth sailing from there.

5. Open-minded.

Millennials have always been faced with change. They’ve not only adapted well, but they’re once again using it to their advantage. Now, this generation is filled with wonder and a sense of adventure. They like to travel the world and explore things outside of their tiny social bubbles. That’s where their networking skills pay off big time.

6. Need to make an impact.

Not only do millennials love to make an impact, but they love to brag about it to their friends on social media. From 5ks and marathons to charity drives at work, millennials have a need to help the communities that surround them. When you hire a millennial, you’ll have someone on your team interested in making a difference.

7. Do work they love.

This one pretty much sums up the rest. Millennials are on a never ending quest to find work that they love. They want to dive into projects head first, but only projects that they believe in. Ones where they can show they made an impact and ones that affect others in a positive way. Hire a millennial who loves the work they do, and they’ll be loyal forever.

So before you go saying “no” to that potential hire—who just so happens to be a millennial— please remember these seven qualities. Combined, they make for a productive and influential employee.

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