“Devan is a dream addition to a team. She’s reliable, flexible, and “gets” things quickly. I hope wherever I am that I’ll be able to bring her talents to the team because I’m confident Devan can write on whatever topic I give to her and adjust the tone to the job at hand. Don’t miss a chance to work with this intelligent and talented individual.”

-Ann Shea, Brand Alchemist Vet Organics


“Devan is one of the most well rounded marketing professionals I’ve ever met. I’ve had the pleasure of working side-by-side with her over the past six months on everything from content strategy, social media marketing, and the planning and execution of large marketing campaigns. She is a brilliant internet marketing specialist with the uncanny ability to work directly with the client to ensure all objectives aren’t only met, but exceeded. She is a powerful communicator which directly translates into her phenomenal writing and blogging capabilities. Well organized and calculated, Devan takes a thought out, strategic approach to every project and campaign she undertakes. She is an individual who acts as an influencer in a professional environment, easily able to pitch new and creative ideas as well as constructively critique the ideas of others when necessary. Devan is a key player on any team and I highly recommend utilizing her expertise across a multitude of different skill sets.”

-Blake Rittenberg, Director of Partnership Development & Distribution at Get Your Fit Together.


“Devan was an outstanding colleague. She is extremely organized, works diligently, and never lets you down for important deadlines. She has an easy-going personality, a positive attitude, and she will be a true asset to anyone’s team. Now for her talent: She is first and foremost an excellent writer that really understands web and SEO needs. If you want your content to rank and be read, Devan is your girl. She also has an in-depth understanding of WordPress and will surprise you with her keen ability to manage and solve her own tech issues and yours. She saved me many times! I miss working with Devan and sincerely hope we will have a chance to work together again in the future. “

-Former Co-worker at SoVi Digital


“Devan was a standout colleague. Throughout our work together, Devan’s passion and enthusiasm for marketing was apparent. She was always eager to learn more about the field and lend a helping hand to other projects. Most impressive, perhaps, was Devan’s ability to balance her full-time job with this internship. She always executed solid results, no matter her busy schedule.”

-Cara Stuka, Program Representative at Pine Street Inn


“Devan was great to work with during my time at Braathe Enterprises/YOakleyPR. She is quick to pick up on new ideas and she leaves no stone unturned when it comes to finding ways to help her clients reach their goals. She’ll be an asset to anyone who hires her.”

-Mark Smith, Independent Associate at LegalShield, Digital Marketing Professional


“Devan was a phenomenal addition to our program at Braathe Enterprises. She handled a wide variety of projects well and worked well with others. I welcome the opportunity to work with Devan again in the future.”

-Robert Brathe, Custom Training & Project Management for You & Your Business – Mentor to Entrepreneurs and Professor – Entrepreneurship


“The terms that would best describe Devan are “meticulous” and “ambitious.” During her internship, she exhibited exemplary time management and leadership skills that allowed her to not only develop search engine optimization plans for nonprofits, but to guide her colleagues through basic SEO training to ensure that they too were empowered to deliver a quality service. Devan was able to meet her initial internship goals of utilizing Google AdWords, and also develop a basic understanding of how public relations and social media relate to today’s online marketing environment. I would definitely recommend her to any organization seeking to add a hard-working professional to their marketing team.”

-Yasheaka Oakley, Public Relations Specialist at YOakleyPR


“Devan was an amazing Artreach intern who consistently delivered quality results. She worked well independently, and was proactive in communicating when she needed information. Devan exhibited excellant organizational skills, working effectively through Basecamp and Skype. She systematically led the review of each tab of the new website, in order to best convey our message, and she was flexible and open-minded about making changes to the site.

I appreciated Devan’s curiosity about how Artreach’s Applied Theater Troupe uses comedy for social change. She asked insightful questions in order to deeply understand our message, leading to a much better website for our troupe. She found creative ways to “show” rather than “tell” our message; that creativity heals, and people with mental illnesses can recover.

Devan was quite an asset to Artreach’s team of interns. A proactive worker, she developed new projects as she completed assigned tasks. For example, when the new website was complete, she created a simple-to-follow Powerpoint to walk the next intern through every step of keeping is updated. Devan far exceeded the duties expected of an intern. Her hard work and enthusiastic dedication to Artreach made her an invaluable asset to our agency.

I highly recommend Devan for employment, and I am giving her our highest Artreach recommendation. She will make an excellent employee for the lucky company that hires her.”

-Becca Atkins, Executive Director, Artreach, Inc.