The UnstainableTM White Shirt: It’s Real & Actually Looks Good

The UnstainableTM White Shirt: It’s Real & Actually Looks Good

Wearing a white shirt all day is tough. As soon as you put that thing on, you turn into a stain dodging superhero. You watch where you sit, what you eat, definitely what you drink and your guard has to be up the entire day.

And if you slip up for just one second and stain that pristine beauty, your day is essentially ruined since you have to walk around with your Scarlet Letter for everyone to see. And who are we kidding? The world can see it. You know it’s there. And it may even ruin the shirt forever.

That is, until now.

Introducing: The UnstainableTM White Shirt. Created by Elizabeth & Clarke, this shirt is downright impressive. It’s affordable, created using sustainable resources and actually looks good. And lest we forget that its stain repelling technology is pure genius.

How Does the UnstainableTM White Shirt Work?

By using nanotechnology, the tiny fibers, or “whiskers,” force any water or oil-based stains to bead up and slide off instead of being absorbed like a sponge, according to its creators. That leaves you with a RainX type effect where your stains essentially just fall off before marking you for the rest of your day.

And these tiny fibers are no joke. They are “100 times smaller than a grain of sand,” according to Elizabeth & Clarke. The image—which you can view here—used in their Kickstarter campaign really put things into perspective and showed just how microscopic these fibers are.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth & Clarke’s Kickstarter Campaign

In addition to having stain-fighting powers, The UnstainableTM White Shirt also handles perspiration like a beast. Instead of discoloring your underarm area, sweat actually evaporates before setting in.

The UnstainableTM White Shirt’s Features:

I’m sure you’re thinking at this point that this already sounds too good to be true so the shirt is probably frumpy and ugly. At least that’s what I expected. But much to my surprise, their selection and options are anything but boxy and unwearable.

With four shirts to choose from, each style is flattering and highlights a woman’s natural curves perfectly.

And if white isn’t really your thing, they also offer five additional colors to choose from which are all backed with their specialized, stain fighting fibers.

To top off the awesomeness cake, the resources used to create these Transformer-like shirts are “derived from renewable, farm-grown sources,” according to their Kickstarter campaign.

The Future of The UnstainableTM White Shirt

Elizabeth & Clarke have a great product that’s going to do really well. At the time of writing this, their Kickstarter campaign had over 1,800 backers, over $132,000 pledged when their goal was $30,000 and still have 17 days to go.

Yep, they are just that good.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth & Clarke’s Kickstarter Campaign

My only recommendation would be to drop the video used here. It’s way too dumbed down for their target market, and could be stronger. Their sophisticated designs and technology speak on an intellectual level while the video plays on an unemployed, immature and seemingly millennial-aged woman who can’t get her act together.

Great product, but not-so-great-video.

Featured Photo Taken Directly From: The UnstainableTM White Shirt’s Kickstarter Campaign

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